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Infront + Vizrt partnership

The partnership between Infront and Vizrt brings together two market leaders with unmatched expertise within the global sports community. Fully committed, the team offers more than 100+ years of experience in sports marketing, media production, digital solutions and events delivery.

How it works

Viz Eclipse Workflow


Non intrusive

The regular video feeds only are sent to Viz Eclipse. The unique image based tracking and keying of Viz Eclipse does not require any adaptations at the venue.


Viz Eclipse

In the control room an operator prepares the camera(s) to be used and prepares the advertisement playlist displayed for each region. The Viz Eclipse and its operator can be placed either downstream at the production center or at the venue to fit best your production environment and needs.


Regionalized output

Each region receives its own feed with tailored marketing messages and advertisements, composited by the Viz Engine – Vizrt’s 3D render platform.

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Case Study: Testing The Ultimate Virtual Campaign at 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships

The future of virtual advertising took centre stage at the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Denmark in May, with Infront and Vizrt showcasing their ultimate solution for unlocking the potential of the perimeter advertising board in the digital age.

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What our partners are saying

I have been exploring the different virtual advertising solutions for a long time and I believe Viz Eclipse with its non-intrusive approach represents the future of this game-changing marketing tool.
VfL WolfsburgBundesliga
I have been exploring the different virtual advertising solutions for a long time and I believe Viz Eclipse with its non-intrusive approach represents the future of such game-changing marketing tools.
Partner clubBundesliga

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